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Throughout the years, the numerous technological advances in various products – medical supplies, included – have greatly contributed to a better quality of living, even during the most uncomfortable phases of our lives. These medical advancements can provide all sorts of benefits: from simple pain relief, to improved comfort and mobility. This equipment comes in all shapes and sizes: from simple mobility supports to the most hi-tech hospital equipment.

Kansas City Home Medical Supply is a top provider of high quality medical supplies in Independence, Missouri. With our wide range of offerings that are consistently in stock, you can rest assured that nothing short of the best for your well-being and comfort is being considered. Join our long list of clientele – from private individuals, to assisted living facilities and retirement communities – in choosing us for all your medical supply needs.

For all your needs for medical supplies in Independence, call us at 816-461-7676, or visit our showroom at 16631 East 23rd Street S, Independence, MO 64055, at the Southwest corner of Hwy. 291 and East 23rd Street, next to the Price Chopper.

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With Kansas City Home Medical Supply, there is no need to go from one shop to another for medical supplies in Independence. Our wide range of offerings is especially selected to cater to all sorts of medical supply needs.

+ Medical Supplies for Mobility Support

Ambulation is an essential aspect of daily living. There are, however, a number of problems that can interfere with mobility as we age or recover from surgery, accidents, or illness. With the right aids, these obstacles can be overcome. For mobility-related equipment, Kansas City Home Medical Supply offers a wide range of products that include, but are not limited to:

+ Orthopedic Medical Supplies

Orthopedic problems can be a major source of pain and discomfort for patients of all ages. For maximum comfort and recovery, the right kinds of medical equipment have to be employed throughout the entire rehabilitation process. Kansas City Home Medical Supply can provide a wide range of orthopedic medical supplies including:

+ Medical Supplies for Medical Establishments

Kansas City Home Medical Supply also offers a wide range of products that can be used in a home or clinical setting. Our offerings in this category include:

+ Medical Supplies for Home Use

Having your own medical equipment at home may seem costly, but doing so can be worth the investment, especially when considering the comfort, accessibility, and ease this provides. Kansas City Home Medical Supply offers a wide range of medical supplies and equipment that are often essential for ensuring comfort and health at home. These include:

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Having a medical ailment or special medical needs can be made all the more difficult with the lack of the right supplies and equipment. With our various offerings, you can be assured of having the right tools – be it for sustaining your daily activities or for augmenting your recovery. Call us at Kansas City Home Medical Supply now at 816-461-7676, or visit our Independence showroom at 16631 East 23rd Street to learn how we can help you with your medical supply needs.

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