Use a Rollator Walker to Assist Mobility

A person with limited mobility may not need a wheelchair, as they may still be able to get about some. A rollator walker is ideal for these individuals who can walk, but need a little help with balance and stability. This type of walker uses a sturdy metallic frame set atop three or four wheels and has a built-in seat, allowing the user to stop and sit as needed. Many models also come with attachments and accessories to make moving about easier and more natural.

older couple sitting in rollator walkers in park grass by lake

Using and moving a rollator walker is easily controlled because the wheels allow steady movement without requiring much strength to lift the walker up to take another step. The front wheels usually swivel, which allows a guided glide in various directions, while the back wheels are fixed to remain stabilized. When the user decides to use the seating option, all wheels can be safely locked in place. 

Individuals with some of the following conditions or diagnoses would benefit from using a rollator:

  • joint pains
  • hip or knee replacements
  • Hemiparesis
  • obesity
  • decreased ability for weight bearing

Due to the wheels and a more fluid movement, the rollator allows for faster walking speeds. This helps put the user closer to a normal walking gait to aid in recovery and maintain mobility. People can also benefit from exercising for longer distances and being out for longer periods of time, given the seat that provides a resting moment if needed.

Kansas City Home Medical Supply offers a wide variety of rollator options with different accessories and advantages. When looking for your next rollator that fits you, consider one with these:

Compare our assortment of rollator walker models to find options that are essential for you. For more information or if you need help to find the perfect rollator for your mobility needs, contact us today to learn more!

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