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The Importance of Compression in your Healing Process

When your body is healing, it is important that your muscular movements have the pressure strength to pump fluids in a constructive, rehabilitating manner. When your body stores excess fluid, it can slow down the healing process. In contrast, it is still important to retain blood flow and movement for steady circulation to the injured area. Compression therapy with aids like wraps, sleeves, stockings, and slippers can help the injured area function properly and improve your recovery rate in the following ways:

care provider helping wrap legs with cloth tape bandages

  • Reduce Edema  Excess fluid can build up around the injury and block helpful nutrients from reaching the site for effective healing. If the injury is near a joint, that excess fluid can also minimize your range of motion, which will impact your body's natural way of pumping and moving your muscles to enable healing. Wearing a compression device along with elevating the injury can reduce this excess fluid.
  • Minimize Swelling Swelling and inflammation can negatively impact your healing process and reduce mobility. Using cold therapy in combination with compression, the body will help your injury site feel more comfortable.
  • Increase Oxygen The more blood that the injury site receives, the more oxygen can be delivered to help with body repair. If the area is swollen and blocked, oxygen levels are reduced. Using a compression aid will help to keep blood flow moving more freely.
  • Assist Lymph Fluids Lymph fluids help in healing by carrying nutrients to the damaged tissues around the injury and removing waste from body tissue to create a clear field for tissue regeneration. Compression devices help circulate these fluids for improved healing.
  • Add Warmth Wearing a compression aid can also help to keep the area warm, promoting the flow of helpful fluids and maintaining good comfort and care overall.

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