Essential Upkeep and Maintenance for Lift Chairs

One of the challenges faced by people who are elderly or debilitated is getting up from or sitting down in a chair; using lift chairs can help them overcome this challenge. Lift chairs are like recliners, with the major difference being that lift chairs have an electrical mechanism to tilt the chair forward or backward. This makes it easier for the user to stand up or sit down.

quaint living room with lift chair and other furniture

For lift chairs to function effectively, they should be well-maintained. Follow these tips for maintaining and keeping up lift chairs to ensure they function optimally and last for a long time.

  • All lift chairs have a maximum weight capacity that should not be exceeded when in use. Failure to adhere to weight capacities increases the chances of the lift chair being damaged. It may also put the user at increased risk of an accident, especially if it breaks under heavier use.
  • When plugging in the lift chair, ensure that it is plugged directly into the wall and not an extension cord. An extension cord may overheat and destroy the electrical mechanism of the lift chair.
  • Most lift chairs have backup batteries that need to be inspected and replaced on a regular basis. Routine inspection prevents oversight of acid corrosion that may damage the battery unit.
  • Wipe down the lift chair on a regular basis to keep it clean. Make sure it is unplugged from the electrical outlet before cleaning, especially if any solvents are used. This reduces the risk of electrical accidents.
  • Keep moisture and liquids away from the electrical components of the lift chair. These can damage the electrical parts and could put the user at risk of electrical accidents.
  • When moving the lift chair, do not pull by the footrest as this can damage the lifting mechanism in the chair.

We offer lift chairs that can make it easier for you or your loved ones to easily sit up and down. For more information about lift chairs, maintenance tips, or our other home medical equipment and supplies, contact us today!

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