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Complete Physical Therapy as Instructed at Home

After an illness, injury, or surgery, you might work with a physical therapist to restore physical movement. Of course, all the work isn't done in the clinic: chances are, your therapist will give you instructions on how to do certain exercises and therapies at home. Your recovery rate and ability depend upon your commitment to following your therapist's instructions. Unfortunately, this isn't always easy though. Sometimes the demands of home and life distract us from sticking to the rehabilitation schedule. Here are a few tips to help you complete your at-home physical therapy as instructed.

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Equip Yourself

It's even more challenging to stick to a new program if you don't have the right equipment to do exercises correctly. Follow your therapist's guidelines and recommendations, and get the essential tools to help you get the most out of your program. Equipment like exercise bands and hand exercisers are small and inexpensive, but they can give you the challenge you need to improve things like strength to speed up your recovery.

In some cases, you might need hot and cold therapy. It's much easier to grab a reusable cold pack than it is to fill a plastic bag with ice every time (especially since it may start to leak as it melts!). If something's easier, you're much more likely to actually do it! Make it easy on yourself by arming yourself with the necessary equipment beforehand.

Ask for Help

Ask your spouse, children, or a neighbor to help hold you accountable. You still must put in the work, of course, but they can remind you or even scold you a bit if you don't follow the plan! They might even be willing to do your routine with you or keep you company while you do it. The program is important to your health, and your loved ones will be glad to help.

Set a Schedule and Develop Habit

Plan to do your therapy at the same time every day. Write it on your calendar the same way you would a doctor's appointment or lunch with a friend. As it gets routine, completing your physical therapy can help you develop an ongoing habit of movement and exercise! After your therapy is officially complete, you might choose to continue doing the exercises or use your scheduled therapy time for new exercises that best suit your physical abilities and needs. The equipment that was useful during therapy, like exercise bands or stretching straps, can be used for a wide variety of other exercises. Talk to your therapist about an ongoing program devoted to your strength and flexibility.

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