5 Essential Upkeep and Maintenance Tips for Power Wheelchairs

It's important to take care of your power wheelchair and accessories: it’s an investment and, most importantly, it provides you mobile freedom, getting you wherever you need to go whenever you need. Here are five tips for maintaining your power wheelchair to ensure it operates and runs smoothly.

user in motorized wheelchair with backpack rolling away down sidewalk

Keep It Dry

Keep your wheelchair dry and away from moisture. You don't want the battery, gears, or other electrical components to get damaged by liquids. If drinks spill on the wheelchair, clean them up right away.

Maintain the Wheels

Check your wheels and tires regularly to make sure that they are in good functioning order. After all, without tires, your wheelchair is immobile and worthless. If you have tires that are filled with air, check and maintain the tire pressure. If they are solid tires, make sure they have good tread. Replace the wheels as needed.

Charge the Batteries

Try not to let batteries die entirely before you recharge them. Better yet, try not to let them lose more than 80 percent of their power. Always keep the batteries at room temperature, avoid freezing or really hot temperatures. Never replace the battery with cheap imitations, as they may not be as high quality or up to standards and could malfunction. This can damage the wheelchair or even cause injuries.

Listen for Odd Noises

If you hear loud, unusual noises while operating your chair or while it sits idle, make sure to check to see what is wrong. Don't let problems fester until you are forced to take action; call for professional help right away if needed.

Keep the Owner's Manual

Don't throw away the owner's manual or lose track of it at home. Keep it handy for when emergency need arises for it. As a tip, keep it in the pocket at the back of the wheelchair, so that you can always consult it whenever an issue comes up.

KC Home Medical Supply offers a variety of power wheelchairs and essential accessories to suit your mobility needs. For more help and information about power wheelchairs, home care tips, and our wide array of medical products, contact us today!

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